We are a congregation of the one holy catholic and apostolic church.   We are Episcopalians, part of the worldwide Anglican Communion that traces its ministry through the Church of England back to the very Apostles!

        People of every race, from lands around the world; people of mixed marriages from many religions -- Protestants, Catholics, Jews and Muslims -- everyone is made to feel at home in this faith community. We believe we are the place Jesus spoke of in Matthew 13: 31-32:

"The kingdom of Heaven is like a mustard seed which a man took and sowed in his field, which indeed is the least of all the seeds;   but when it is grown it is greater than the herbs and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and nest in its branches."



St. Bartholomew's has active vocal and bell choirs. The vocal choir participates in every 10:00 Sunday service from September through June, as well as at other special occasions during the year. The musical director is a paid staff member. The choirs periodically present special programs during services. St. Bartholomew's often incorporates the musical talents of parish members who play the flute, violin, or trumpet, particularly during the Christmas and Easter seasons.

Bible Study

There are two active Bible study groups that meet evenings at the Church. One is led by a lay person and the other by our Deacon, Art Knight. A study class is held after the 9:00 Sunday service for parishioners while the children are in Sunday school. The subject of the class is usually the Sunday readings from the service. In addition, there is an adult forum centered on social issues held after the Sunday service.

Circle of Prayer 

The Circle of Prayer is a group of parishioners, both men and women, who pray daily for any requests they receive. This is not a structured group with scheduled meetings, yet is an effective mode of spiritual expression.

Altar Guild 

The members of the Altar Guild give of their time and talents each week to prepare the Lord's altar and house for worship. They are responsible for the beautiful flower arrangements that adorn the altar each week as well as being the caretakers of the silver and linens.

Men's Club 

Through the Men's Club, the men of the parish share social, religious, and recreational experiences. Breakfast meetings are held one Saturday each month. In addition, each month the members get together in the parish hall to make casseroles for the area mission. The Men's Club also sponsors recreational and social events throughout the year which support various church property and outreach projects. Ladies' Appreciation Night, the Summer Steak/Chicken Barbeque, Oktoberfest, and spaghetti dinners are a few of the annual Men's Club sponsored social events

Fellowship/Hospitality Committee  

One of the most distinguishing traits of the Church is the warmth and sociability of the membership. The Fellowship Committee enhances this social life and members help with the Sunday morning coffee hour which takes place after the services. They also sponsor a number of activities throughout the year. Although not sponsored by the Fellowship Committee, one of the highlights of the year is the annual Parish Picnic, which is held the  first  Sunday of June  on the parish grounds.    Parishioners attend share in a barbeque, and enjoy a day of fun and fellowship.

Outreach Activities 

St. Bartholomew's parishioners have always been committed to aiding those in the community who are in need. Today, those efforts are continued through programs that include serving breakfast to the homeless and those in need at St. Paul's Church in Camden; and preparing Christmas baskets for over 100 area families who would otherwise have no holiday meal. The Church also sponsors Boy Scout Troop 170. The troop, which numbers over 35 boys, meets every other week at the Church as it has done for more than 20 years.

Youth Group

St. Bart's Bunch Youth Group is made up of students in 6th through twelfth grade and has as its purpose the development of a social teenage group with a Christian outlook. The program has three main focuses: social activities, Christian outreach and Christian development. Youth  activities  have  included  movie  and  pizza  nights,  bowling  parties,  baking  St.  Nicholas  cookies,  live  Nativity,  Christmas  Caroling  Caravan,  hosting  the  Shrove  Tuesday  Mardi  Gras,   Maundy  Thursday  lock-in/Seder/Movie,  Easter  egg  hide,  Market  Street  Breakfast,  parish  picnic.


St. Bartholomew's parish holds a number of fund-raising events throughout the year with funds going to outreach programs.


The Church is located on a five-acre site in Cherry Hill Township, Camden County, New Jersey. Built in 1963, it is contemporary in design. The exterior is brick and stucco; the interior is finished in natural woods, brick and stucco. The Church building consists of two floors totaling 15,000 square feet. It includes a freestanding altar, a narthex and sacristy. Seating capacity is approximately 500. A large parish hall with an adjoining, fully equipped kitchen exists in the undercroft. The parking lot has capacity for about 100 cars.

Attached to the Church is a brick building, which was completed in 1967. It consists of two floors totaling 7,700 square feet and houses the church offices, the rector's study, a chapel, several rooms for Church School and nursery on Sundays and separate rooms for the Thrift Shop and Pre-School use during the week. In the rear of the property is a two-story, 2,400 square foot, four-bedroom house with basement, which is currently used by the sexton and his family.


The Congregation

St. Bartholomew's parish is made up of approximately 386 families. It draws its members from more than 30 zip codes in the greater Cherry Hill area. On an average Sunday, approximately 245 congregants fill the pews for either the 8:00 a.m. or the 10:00 a.m. service. The Church School is conducted between the two Sunday services.

The Vestry 

The St. Bartholomew's Vestry is made up of 12 parishioners who serve a 3-year term as members of the steering committee for the parish in addition to Senior & Junior Wardens. Each member of the Vestry serves as a chairman or co-chairman of one or more of the committees that help the parish function: outreach, fellowship, finance, stewardship, youth ministry, property, worship and Christian education.

The Staff

In addition to the rector, the paid staff includes a secretary, a music director, and a sexton.   Two deacons also worship and serve at St. Bart's.

Sunday Worship Services

There are two Sunday services at St. Bartholomew's. The early service begins at 8:00 AM.  There is no music at this service. The second service is held at 10:00 AM. The majority of the parishioners attend this service. There is full service music with choir, and one lay Eucharistic minister, two lay readers and four to five acolytes assisting at this service.   During the summer months of July and August, the schedule changes to one service at 9:00  A.M.



Holy Baptism is usually administered within the Sunday Eucharist.  If you want to receive the sacrament of Holy Baptism, or wish for your baby or young child to be baptized, please contact the church office at 856-424-2229. Each candidate for Holy Baptism is to be sponsored by one or more baptized persons. Sponsors of infants, or godparents, along with the parents, present their candidates, and make promises in their own names and take vows on behalf of the candidates. 


Those baptized at an early age are expected, when they are ready and have been prepared, to make a mature public affirmation of their Baptism and to receive the laying on of hands by the bishop. Confirmation and reception into the Episcopal church is also available for adults. At St. Bart's, the bishop usually visits once a year. In advance of the Bishop's visit, confirmation instruction is provided. If you have questions, or wish to be included in the next confirmation class, please contact the church office at 856-424-2229.


Christian marriage is a solemn and public covenant between a man and a woman in the presence of God. In the Episcopal Church, at least one of the parties must be a baptized Christian. In the case of a divorced person wishing to marry, please contact the rector for information and counseling. A wedding information sheet is available below for your convenience. This should be completed before meeting with the rector. A fee schedule is available, including the fees for all weddings, as well as the cost for weddings for non-church members.

Ministries to the Sick

If you or a family member is ill or hospitalized, please notify the church office. We minister to the sick in many ways.

  • Holy Unction is offered every Wednesday morning at the 10 am Eucharist
  • Healing Eucharists, with laying on of hands and prayer, are offered on the third Sundays.
  • Lay Eucharistic Visitors take Holy Communion to those that are unable to attend church each Sunday and/or Wednesday.
  • Clergy visits are available both at the hospital and at home. 
  • Intercessions (part of the Prayers of the People) on Sunday mornings will be included for 4 weeks, unless other arrangements are made with the office.
  • The Circle of Prayer is a group of men and women who pray daily for those who are in need of pray. The Circle of Prayer takes confidentiality very seriously. For more about contacting the Circle of Prayer concerning intercessions or becoming a member of this important ministry, contact the church office.
  • St. Bart's is a loving, generous family. If you need assistance, please let us know how we can minister to you.

Most importantly, please let the church office know that you are ill. We can't help if we don't know what you need!




The  first  Sunday  of  each  month  has  been  designated  “Youth  Sunday”.    Our  young  people  read  the  lessons,  offer  various  musical  selections  on  a  variety  of  instruments,  sing  in  the  choir,  and  serve  as  ushers. 


A  special  area  in  the  left  transept  has  been  designated  and  outfitted  as  a  special  place  for  children  to  relax  and  enjoy  themselves  with  their  parents.  This  enables  parents  to sit  more  comfortably  as  they remain  in  church and  participate  in  the  liturgy.


An infant and toddler nursery is available on Sunday mornings beginning at 9:00 and during the 10:00 service.   Infants and toddlers are cared for by Olive Keen, long-time parishioner, mother of five and grandmother of six.


St.  Bart's  Young  Explorers  program  seeks  to  create  and  foster  a  loving  and  nurturing  environment  for  children  in  grades  PK-6  in  which every child can develop a committed, living relationship with Jesus Christ and grow in his love and knowledge.    The curriculum provides sound biblical teaching oriented to the children's unique needs.    In addition, several special activities are held throughout the year.   Classes meet each Sunday at 9:00 A.M.

ST.  BART’S  BUNCH  (Youth  Group / Nana  Wilmont  &  Paige  Douglas)

Students  in  grades  6-12  have  the  opportunity  to  come  together  for  the  development  of  a  social  teen  group  with  a  Christian  outlook.    The  program  has  three  main  focuses:  Christian  growth  and  development,  Christian  outreach  and  social  activities.   Youth  Group  activities  have  included:  Hay  rides,  baking  and  distributing  St.  Nicholas  cookies,  Christmas  Caroling  Caravan  and  Party,  Parish  Mardi  Gras,  Maundy  Thursday  lock-in,  bowling  parties  and  “A  Closer  Walk  Christian  Youth  Retreat”.    St.  Bart’s  Bunch  meets  regularly.


Seventh and eighth grade students are involved in a two-year course of study in preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation.    The Confirmation curriculum has been developed by the Episcopal Diocese of Albany.   Classes meet each Sunday at 9:00 A.M.


FLOWER  GUILD  (Suzanne  Espinosa)

The  ministry  of  the  Flower  Guild  makes  the  church  a  place  of  beauty  where  we  can  all  encounter  God.    Weekly  volunteers  prepare  the  floral  arrangements  for  use  at  the  Altar.

MEN’S  CLUB  (Terry  Adams)

The  Men’s  Club  is  the  unifying  body  of  men  at  St.  Bartholomew’s.    The men  have  as  their  purpose  service  to  our  parish  through  activities  and  fellowship.    Through  the  Men’s  Club  the  men  of  the  parish  share  social,  religious  and  recreational  experiences.    Each  month  the  members  get  together  in  the  parish  hall  to  make  casseroles  for  an  area  mission.    The  Men’s  Club  also  sponsors  recreational  and  social  events  throughout  the  year  which  support  various  church  property  and  outreach  projects.    Ladies’  Appreciation  Night,  Oktoberfest  and  spaghetti  dinners  are  a  few  of  the  annual  events  sponsored  by  the   Men’s  Club.

WOMEN’S  GROUP  (Evelyn  Biney)

The  Women’s  Group  unites  the  women  of  St.  Bartholomew’s.    through  a  program  of  worship,  study,  service,  activities  and  fellowship.    Through  the  Women’s  Group  the  ladies  of  the  parish  share  social,  religious  and  recreational  experiences.    Each  month  the  members  get  together  to  plan  activities  and  fundraising  activities.    The  Women’s  Group  also  sponsors  recreational  and  social  events  throughout  the  year  which  support  various  church  property  and  outreach  projects.    Bus  trips,  the  Mad  Hatter’s  Tea  Party,  cookie  sales  are  a  few  of  the  annual  events  sponsored  by  the   Women’s  Group


The   purpose  of  the  Vestry  is  to  manage  the  business  and  maintenance  of  the  parish.    The  Vestry  consists  of  12  parishioners  elected  for  3  year  terms.    Three  Vestry  positions  are  opened  by  rotation  each  year.    Each  member  of  the  Vestry  serves  as  Chair  or  Co-Chair  of  one  or  more  of  the  committees  that  help  the  parish  to  function  --  outreach,  fellowship,  finance,  stewardship,  youth  ministry,  property,  worship  and  Christian  education. 




Description:   The  acolyte  ministry  includes  assisting  the  priest  and  deacons  during  the  worship  service.    Children,  young  people  and  adults,  ages  6  and  up,  are  invited  to  be  trained  and  serve  on  the  altar  as  acolytes.   Acolytes  serve  as  crucifers,  torch  bearers  and  occasionally  banner  bearers  or  thurifer.    Training  sessions  are  scheduled quarterly on  first Mondays.  The required sessions  are  generally  one  hour  in  duration.

Qualification:             This  ministry  is  open  to  all

Coordinator:               Ven.  Lynn  H.  Johnson,  Archdeacon

Responsibilities:         Acolytes  are  responsible  for  attending  quarterly  training  sessions,  taking  care  of  their  vestments,  and  honoring  their  scheduled  commitment  to  service  by  arriving  on  time  and  participating  in  the  service.


Description:   The  ministry  of  the  Altar  Guild  is  to  prepare  the  Altar  and  Sanctuary  for  worship  services.

Qualification:             This  ministry  is  open  to  all  men,  women  and  young  adults

Coordinator:                Gwyn  Hicks

Responsibilities:         Guild  members  are  responsible  for  the  care  of  the  vessels,  linens,  vestments  and  supplies  that  are  used  in  the  celebration  of  the  Eucharist.    Members  set  the  stage  for  every  service  being  certain  that  the  Sanctuary  is  prepared.    All  are  urged  to  consider  service  on  the  Altar  Guild  as  an  act  of  devotion  for  our  Lord.

EUCHARISTIC  MINISTERS (formerly  Chalice  Bearers)

Description:               This  ministry  is  composed  of  volunteers  who  are  trained  and  commissioned  to  assist  clergy  on  the  alter  during  regular  and  special  services  to  the  congregation.    This  is  a  ministry  for  lay  people  who feel a special calling to administer the Communion elements at celebrations of the Holy Eucharist. 

Qualifications:           This ministry is open to all men and women.

Coordinator:               Rev.  Art  J.  Knight,  Deacon

Responsibilities:         Eucharistic  Ministers  administer  the  communion  cup,  lead  the  recitation  and  responses  in  worship  and  represent  a  solemn  and  outward  visible  sign  of  lay  persons’  role  in  our  church.  

EUCHARISTIC  VISITOR  (formerly  Lay  Eucharistic Ministers)

Description:               The  ministry of  the  Eucharistic  Visitor  is to share communion with those unable to attend church services.    Lay  volunteers,  who  are  trained  and  commissioned,  are  sent by the congregation to visit the sick and shut-in of the parish with bread and wine consecrated at the Sunday service.   

Qualifications:           This wonderfully special ministry is open to all men and women

Coordinator:                Rev.  Art  J.  Knight,  Deacon

Responsibilities:         Eucharistic Visitors should have a conviction of the need for this ministry and be nonjudgmental, patient, supportive, and comfortable with the frailties of life.    Eucharistic Visitors  should be able to make their visits pleasant and enjoyable (and possibly helpful) to those they are visiting.


Description:               Lay  people  who  feel  a  special  calling  to  read  the  Scriptures  are  invited  to  participate  in  this  ministry.    Lectors  are  trained  by  the  parish  and  licensed  by  the  Diocese.       

Qualifications:           This ministry is open to all men, women and young adults

Coordinator:                Suzanne  Moore Darms (scheduling – adults)     Paige  Douglas  (youth  instruction)

Responsibilities:         Lectors  study  and  review  assigned Scripture  lessons.    Lectors  may  assist  at  Sunday  morning  worship  services  as  well  as  mid-week,  morning  and  evening  services  during  special  seasons  and  occasions  during  the  year


Description:               Choir,  handbells,  instrumentalists.   There  is  something  for  you!   The  Ministry  of  Music  at  St.  Bartholomew’s  is  an  offering  of  praise  through  song  and  instruments.    Parishioners are  encouraged  to  share  their  musical  talents/skills/desires  with  the  congregation  

Qualifications:           This ministry is open to all.

Coordinator:                Peter  Homan,  Music  Minister

Responsibilities:         Participation  in  the  worship  services  (particularly  the  10:00  A.M.  service).  Choir  rehearsals  are  held  on Thursday  evenings.    Other  musicians  meet  as  scheduled  individually.


Description:               Ushers  demonstrate  the  ministry  of  hospitality.    Ushers  serve  on  Sundays  and  at  other  services  to  facilitate  our  worship

Qualifications:           This ministry is open to all.

Coordinator:                Earle  Hicks

Responsibilities:         Ushers  meet,  greet,  and  seat  worshippers  as  they  arrive  and  enter  the  Sanctuary.    Ushers  distribute  service  bulletins, collect  and  receive  the  offering,  count  the  worshippers  present  and  assist  with  direction  at  communion.


CIRCLE  OF  PRAYER  (Morgia  Polatsek)

The  Circle  of Prayer  is a group of parishioners, men and women, who pray daily for any requests they receive.    This is not a structured group with scheduled meetings yet is an effective  mode of spiritual expression.


Are you ill?  Can’t  get out  or  get  around?    Want  something  from  the  store?  Need an errand run?   Need  a  ride  to  church?   The ministry  of  these  volunteer  parishioners,  these  “willing workers”  is  to  provide  helping  hands  to  those  in  need  of  such  services.    The  weekly  Minister  of  Caring  is  listed  in  the  church  bulletin  or  you  may  call  the  church  office  for  assistance. 


MARKET  STREET  BREAKFAST  (John &  Jill  Weber)

            On  the  first  Sunday  every  other  month,  as  part  of  a  coordinated  and  rotating  ministry,  parishioners  volunteer  to  prepare  breakfast  for  the  homeless  and  hungry  in  the  Camden.    City  Area.    The  activity  is  coordinated  by  St.  Paul’s  Episcopal  Church  in  Camden.

PARISH  PANTRY  (Carolyn  Gage)

            “Fill  ‘er  Up!!”   The  Big  Red  Barrel,  always  needs  filling.  The  collection  of  canned  and  dry  goods  is  an  on-going  ministry  that  provides  food  to  the  needy.    Donated  food  items  are  also  used  to  make  food  baskets  for  distribution  at  Thanksgiving  and  Christmas.


                Knitters  and  crocheters  come  together  on  Wednesday  morning  to  put  their  experience,  skills  and  talents  to  the  creation  of  shawls,   hats  and  scarves.    The  items  are  blessed  during  a  worship  service  and  distributed  to  sailors  at  the  Seamen’s  Institute,  and  to  parishioners,  friends  and  the  community  that  may  be  lonely,  ill,  depressed,  and/or  shut-in.   

THE  BUGLE  (April  Rugletic, Editor)

The  newsletter  of  St.  Bart’s  is  compiled,  edited  and  published  monthly.    Articles  may  be  submitted  by  both  Clergy  and  parishioners  and  are  due  the  10th  of  each  month  for  publication  the  following  month.   The  newsletter  is  mailed  to  all  parishioners.

THRIFT  SHOP  (Olive  Keen)

The  ministry  of  recycling  outgrown,  clean  reusable  clothes  and  other  items  is  met  through  this  “Repeat  Boutique”.    Volunteers  staff  the  shop  during  its  weekly  open  hours.


            The  parish  supports  this  ministry  and  organization  in  a  variety  of  ways:                                                                -- the  sale/purchase  of  supermarket  gift  cards  (ShopRite,  Acme,  Superfresh)                                                                          -- Pack-A-Sac - filling  backpacks  with  a  variety  of  school  supplies,  socks  and  underwear  for  homeless  children         -- Adopt-A-Box - filling shoeboxes  with  toiletries  and  sundry  items  for  needy  families  (spring)

NEW  VISIONS  CASSEROLES (Maurice  Anderson)

            This  parish  ministry  meets  on  Wednesday  mornings  at  8:30  to  help  prepare  casseroles  for  the New Visions  Homeless  Day Shelter  in  Camden.    The  shelter  provides  breakfast  and  lunch  for  men  women  and  children  in  need.